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didjee2 | Dieter Blancke
Java, C++ & Web Developer
You'll find me coding or playing League Of Legends.

About me

I am Dieter Blancke, a 18 year old who lives in Belgium.
I study Systems & Software Engineering & I make Spigot plugins in my free time. I've been programming for over 3 years mostly in Java & C++ now.

I'm also a gamer, and mostly on League of Legends, same name: didjee2

My Projects

BungeeUtilisals BungeeUtilisals provides a bunch of features for BungeeCord. From simple commands to advanced systems to manage your server! Created to have the maximum configuration possible while keeping it simple. Learn more »

VoteSender VoteSender is a simple Spigot plugin which allows you to send votes received by Votifier to other Votifier Servers. Very usefull for big networks, allowing them to give vote rewards on every server in their network. Learn more »

DBSCore DBSCore is an API for Spigot & BungeeCord. Created to make plugin development easier by adding cool & easy to use features. Like a JSON & YAML Configuration API similar to the Bukkit API. Learn more »